06/21 Transport & Street Report – June 2021

Controlled Parking Zones

  • The CPZs for North Fortis Green and Muswell Hill Central are to go ahead, subject to final approval.   They were due to be implemented in March and April 2021, but are delayed.
  • The CPZ for Muswell Hill West covering, to include Kings, Queens and Princes Avenues and Fortis Green Road, is to go ahead too, though again no implementation dates are known yet.
  • There has been a push from residents to include Tetherdown and St James Lane, but they will not be included this year. There has been an administrative error and the consultation process will have to start again.

Electric Charging Points

At present, there are 79 publicly accessible Electric Vehicle charging points in the borough, operated by Source London, Polar and char.gy networks. This is up from 59 in March. No changes for Muswell Hill, 5 and Fortis Green 2

Finchley Cycle Lane A1000

Barnet Council will decide whether to make the cycle and bus lane scheme a permanent feature after reviewing feedback and collected monitoring data by March/April 2022. Click HERE for details.

The congestion in East Finchley is generating more traffic in Woodside Ave to access Muswell Hill.