MHFGA Community Fund

The Muswell Hill & Fortis Green Association Community Fund

The MHFGA Community Fund supports local projects that aim to make a real positive impact on the area. And benefit our community.

The Community Fund was launched in 2021 and has awarded funds to

  • Friends of the Highgate Roman Kiln, for their educational project to create replica Highgate Wood pots for presentation and exhibition;
  • Muswell Hill Rhythmic Gymnastics, to make rhythmic gymnastics, which can be an expensive and quite exclusive sport, accessible to everyone;
  • Sense of Locality, for their ‘WELCOME’ project to empower and welcome asylum seekers into the community
  • Wave Café, to purchase specially adapted cooking utensils for people with weak grip or limited range of motion;
  • Muswell Hill Welcomes, to provide up to 40 guests from newly arrived communities to take part in a new food growing and community meals project;
  • Futsal Stars Foundation, to help a 15-week programme of Girls Futsal/Football and fitness classes.

The MHFGA Community Fund is run yearly. The amount allocated, application form and scheme conditions will be available on our website throughout September and October, and the deadline for applications will be 31st October.

All local organisations and community groups are encouraged to apply, and applications are judged on the basis of community impact.