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Muswell Hill; the first Hollywood? (1898 – 1906)
Robert W. Paul (3 October 1869 — 28 March 1943) was a British electrician, scientific instrument maker and early pioneer of British film. In 1898 he designed and constructed Britain’s first film studio in Muswell Hill. Four short films shot in the area. Felix Cecconi.

Dear Old Ally Pally (1921)
“Dear Old Ally Pally” – where the racing is sometimes described as “round the pan and up the handle” – attracts huge crowds to its final 1921 meeting. British Pathé

Canine Beauties, Alexandra Palace (1927)
North London goes to the dogs, as Alexandra Palace hosts a dog show for Ladies Kennel Association Members. ProRes digital file Black & White Mute.
BFI National Archive

A Cat And Dog Life, Alexandra Palace and… (1928)
Dogs and cats go on show at two princely London venues. ProRes digital file Black & White Mute.
BFI National Archive

Muswell Hill Odeon, 1930s
Two newsreels about the Odeon cinema at Muswell Hill. The Opening Night and First Birthday. HuntleyFilmArchives

Television Comes to Alexandra Palace (1938)
Newsreel footage of the preparations for the first television broadcast from Alexandra Palace in 1938. Hornsey Historical Society. (c) BRITISH PATHÉ, MOVING IMAGES

Street Scene (c.1942)
Amateur film of a street scene. 16mm film Colour Silent. Bruce Castle Museum.

Street Scene (Muswell Hill II) (c.1957)
Amateur film of Muswell Hill railway station. 16mm film Colour Silent. Bruce Castle Museum.

Schoolgirl Mannequins (1959)
Girls at the William Grimshaw School in Muswell Hill learning to make and model the latest fashions. Hornsey Historical Society. (c) BRITISH PATHÉ, MOVING IMAGES

Beauty in the Borough (1959)
An amateur film of floral colour in Haringey. 16mm film Colour Silent. Bruce Castle Museum.

Demolition of Muswell Hill Railway Station (c.1965)
Amateur film of the demolition of Muswell Hill Railway Station. 16mm film Colour Silent. Bruce Castle Museum.

What Future for Haringey? (5.1974)
A municipal film considering Haringey’s future. 16mm film Colour Sound. Bruce Castle Museum.

Tony Kaye compilation including a carnival event at Alexandra Palace, 1979
Standard 8mm film Colour Silent. London’s Screen Archives.

Alexandra Palace | The Great Hall Fire 1980
On July 10th 1980, a huge fire occurred at the Alexandra Palace. Thames News

Alexandra Palace fire (1984)
News video. ThamesTV.

London Buses-Routemasters at Finchley & Muswell Hill Garages+Routes 43 & 134, 1986. Soi Buakhao

Additional material available commercially from third parties.

Our Northern Heights (1850-1939)
Much acclaimed first documentary written and directed by Andy Attenburrow. The film tells the story of Hornsey, Highgate, Muswell Hill and Crouch End through the years 1850 to 1939. Format: DVD. Duration: 68 minutes. KLA Film & Video Communication for HHS. Price: £12.00 + £1.50 p&p

A Palace for the People
The Story of Alexandra Palace and Park. Originally made as a video by local company KLA using all major archive sources, with special help from Hornsey Historical Society. Format: DVD. Duration: 85 minutes. KLA Film & Video Communication. Price: £14.99 + £1.50 p&p

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