09/22Green Open Homes 2022

House tours: 1-2 October and 8-9 October

The 9th Annual Green Open Homes tours, organised by Muswell Hill Sustainability Group are taking place on 1st/2nd October and 8th/9th October. There are online tours available too, on Thursday 6th October, and other talks and events throughout the rest of the month.

Muswell Hill Sustainability Group invites you to gain inspiration for your home. You can add comfort, cut carbon and reduce energy bills with up-to-date insulation, draughtproofing, heating and renewable energy. They can also advise on trustworthy local builders and installers.

At the event you will have the opportunity to learn more about local and sustainable businesses, eco-friendly products and services.

Please visit https://mhsgroup.org/greenopenhomes/ for the full schedule and to book your place at any of the events.