12/21 CPZ Consultations: deadlines

There are currently three consultations concerning proposed Controlled Parking Zones (‘CPZs’) in our area. They are:

  1. Alexandra Palace West concerning approximately the area to the North of Alexandra Palace, bounded by Muswell Hill Broadway in the West, the railway line to the North of Alexandra Park Station to the East, and Alexandra Park Road / Albert Road / Durnsford Road to the North.
  2. Muswell Hill South concerning the area North of Wood Vale / Queenswood Road / Cranley Gardens, East of Muswell Hill Road and South of Muswell Hill Broadway
  3. Muswell Hill West CPZ – concerning the possible inclusion of Tetherdown, Burlington Road and Eastwood Road.

Details, including plans of the areas the subject of the consultations, parking charges and the consultation questionnaire can be viewed at www.haringey.gov.uk/current-parking-consultations

The deadlines for making comments are:

  1. Alexandra Place West – 10th January 2022
  2. Muswell Hill South – 21st January 2022
  3. Muswell Hill West CPZ – 10th January 2022

If you wish to comment on the proposals you must do so by the appropriate date.