Newsletter September – October 2021

In this issue:

Our trees are under threat – fighting the chainsaw.
Trees for Streets: funding tree planting in your neighbourhood.
MHFGA Community Fund: up to £500 to fund local community.
Member profile: Laura Budgen.
Planning matters: chestnut tree reprieved; BT advertising screen opposed.
The forgotten factory of Muswell Hill.
Cherry Tree Wood: joining the Friends of Cherry Tree Wood.
Queen’s Wood: flood management proposal.
Letters: noisy helicopters; Friends of Durnsford Road Swimming Pool.
Muswell Hill Sustainability Group: making your home more energy-efficient.
The MHFGA Newsletter Archive: where to browse
The MHFGA July guided walk: from The Kinks to Charles Darwin.
Colney Hatch Lane flowerbeds: new signs.

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