May | June 2017

Muswell Hill Library: become a friend.
MHFGA AGM: May 17. Come to hear what the Association has done and say what is should do.
Members’ Letters: in respect of the memory of PC Blakelock; chewing gum: a sticky issue; supporting the Alexandra Palace Theatre.
Member in Profile: Steve Steppens – a man and his (guide) dog
Corporate Members: The Real Greek – new Greek food ambassadors; East Finchley Open: encouraging and showcasing local arts and crafts.
National Garden Scheme: a chance to see a temple, pagodas, Liberace Terrace and a Japanese-style bridge – and tha in just one of the gardens you can visit!
Parkland Walks: two guided walks through nature and through history: from Muswell Hill to the Grove; and from Highgate to Crouch Hill. First come, first served.