May | June 2013

Local Development – Controversy

Recent proposed changes in planning regulations governing such building works as extensions in back gardens or to the sides of properties have left many members fearful of reduced light or loss of privacy. The changes are designed to support economic growth and allow for some kinds of development without the necessity for planning permission, in order to free the planning system of unnecessary bureaucracy. It is unclear how this will effect or conservation areas since what constitutes ‘permitted development’ may change.

We have welcomed recent Parliamentary moves to rethink the proposals. We expressed a number of views in our letter to local

MP Lynne Featherstone (see full newsletter).

Pinkham Way Saga Rolls On

Barnet Council is still determined to move its entire fleet of dustcarts and cleansing vehicles out of Mill Hill (Barnet) and onto Pinkham Way (Haringey). In addition, the North London Waste Authority still wants to put a waste processing/handling facility on the site. If built, that could open the door to a much bigger plant further down the line.

The Pinkham Way Alliance are raising funds for a full ecological survey of the site.

Communal Air-Raid Shelter in Hollybank at Risk

The Hollybank Action Group is opposing the demolition and development of the Hollybank site, consisting of32garages, a cottage and a copse as well as a WW2 air-raid shelter – all currently sited in the Rookfield CA.

An important part of Britain’s wartime heritage lies hidden on the Hollybank site, off Muswell Hill. A WW2 communal air-raid shelter some five metres long and 1.5 metres wide was built below trees and shrubbery near the rear gardens of Cranmore Way. Dr Gabriel Moshenska from the UCL “Archaeology of Air-Raid Shelters Project” commented that “On a national scale, air-raid shelters are one of the most neglected aspects of our heritage yet they are important to understand and preserve.”

It is not known who the shelter was built for but its size and position suggest that it may have been designed for the residents of Hollybank flats, on Muswell Hill. If any members have any memories of this air-raid shelter , or any further information please contact Helen Finch on

Courier Fraud Warnings

Local police have sent out a warning about courier fraud. The average age of those targeted is 70 years.

The victims are telephoned by someone claiming to be from an authority – usually the police, a bank, or Serious Fraud Office. They are told that their bank account has been compromised and their bank card must be collected. The victim is instructed to hang up and call the Serious Fraud Office/police on a genuine number to check the caller is genuine. The victim dials the number given to them but the fraudster does not disconnect so they are still speaking to the same person. The fraudster then convinces the victim to reveal their PIN number, usually by typing it into the keypad. The fraudster then sends a courier or taxi driver to the victim’s house to collect the bank card. The bank account is then emptied of funds.

Police and banks will NEVER ask for your PIN number or for your bank card so never give these to anyone.

If you are contacted in this way – hang up the phone. Use a different telephone line to contact the police on 101.

St Luke’s Hospital Site Development

The Planning Application for the development of St. Luke’s Hospital site into 173 residential units was submitted to Haringey Council by Hanover in Mid-January 2013. The reference number is HGY/2013/0061 on the Haringey Planning Applications page.

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