The Muswell Hill & Fortis Green Association website is now eight years old. Its design has been tweaked rather than changed over this period, though the contents has been considerably expanded.


Over the past year, there have been two major changes. The first has been the addition of a new local Video Gallery page, with clips of film going back as far as 1898. The second concerns membership registration, which is now fully integrated with Membermojo, the dedicated web-based membership system.


In the past 12 months, the MHFGA traffic has increased overall by about 10 percent.  However, over the last six month, visitors and views have almost been double what they were in the equivalent period last year, as shown on the cart below.

Figure 1- Visitors and pages viewed September 2020-April 2021

In total, since April 2020, the MHFGA website has had about 3,500 visitors and 7500 views, 85 percent from the UK, 5 percent from the US and 10 percent from the rest of the world. April 2021, with 465 visitors and 843 views, has been the most successful ever, with the Muswell Hill Yesterday page accounting for almost half of all the traffic.

Alex Vincenti, Website