Langton Clock

Project: Restore Langton Clock on Muswell Hill Broadway

Langton Clock – Our Diamond Jubilee Project 2008

Langton Clock - MHFGA's Diamond Jubilee Project 2008, reinstated May 2009
Langton Clock reinstated May 2009

This handsome and decorative clock has been part of the Broadway street furniture and a famous landmark since the beginning of the 20th Century. It was put up in 1899 by E.W. Langton’s the jewellers shortly after they established a branch of their watch and clock-making shop at 3, Princes Parade, which itself was laid out and built in 1898 by the well known Edmondson family. It was considered to be the most attractive and accurate timepiece in the area as well as an essential service to shoppers.

Initially, the mechanism was wound regularly by hand, but in the 1950’s the clock mechanism was changed to electric operation. When Langton’s left the premises more than ten years ago, the clock stopped working and had not been working since. We believe that the original mechanical movement was sold when the premises changed hands.

Langton Clock with St James Church's spire
Langton Clock with St James Church’s spire

In order to repair and restore the clock to its pristine condition, it was taken down and transported to a local clock maker. In September 2008, clock expert John Kendall of Fortis Green began restoring the clock. The upstand and both dials were treated with gold leaf, a very intensive and laborious process. The Langton insert was handpainted gold and blue and the fittings and fixings on the drum for the dials were completed. By November 2008, The clock was waterproofed but still needed another coat of paint. It was connected up to a master controller, which will pick up GPS time signals and it went through a test run. EDF visited to assess the procedure needed for mounting the clock in its brackets. Plenty of interest in the clock came from members and passers-by calling into the shop to admire it. We give him all our thanks and appreciation for his wonderful workmanship.

The Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association is proud to announce that our Jubilee project, the restoration of the Langton clock, has been completed and the clock has been returned to its original position.

This jewel of the Broadway is telling the time again after many years.

9th May 2009: Langton Clock re-instated