During the past year I have continued to edit the Newsletter bi-monthly. Most members now receive the Newsletter by email because of concerns about Covid. Those who don’t have email or prefer a hard copy continue to have theirs delivered.

Our permanent feature of a member’s profile has given us some very interesting stories about our local residents.

We have temporarily suspended the corporate profiles during the pandemic as many of our business and organisation members have struggled to keep things going and, in many cases, haven’t been able to function at all. We will bring back this feature when it’s ‘business as usual’ again.

The ‘From Our Archive’ column has proved very popular as a trip down memory lane and a reminder of how much MHFGA has accomplished over the years.

We endeavour to keep you up to date on planning, environment and transport issues, as well as news from Alexandra Palace. These areas are covered by dedicated members of our Committee.

I am always grateful for any articles, letters and photographs to make the Newsletter as interesting and informative as possible.

My thanks to all those who have contributed over the past year.

Christine Morris, Editor