Flowerboxes around the Broadway and Cattle Trough opposite the Library

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions we have still managed to keep the flowerboxes in good shape, the pansies we planted last November are now at their best. We are very grateful to various members of the Association who have made donations towards the cost of the flowers, and to the various members who have found time between shielding and home working to attend to the plants. Also thanks to Sunshine Gardens for the discount they give us on the cost of the flowers, and to the Avid Gardener who has helped with the planting.

Colney Hatch Lane Beds

The beds are well established and we continue to receive positive comments from members of the public passing by. Our organised maintenance visits have been less regular due to the pandemic, but we have been helped by some individual members who have carried out some impromptu maintenance on their own. Thanks are also due to Mark Falconer and his crew from the Avid Gardener who undertook an annual prune of the shrubs. We have a project in hand, new MHFGA signs at the beds. If anyone would like to help with the flowerboxes or the beds please contact Brian Livingston.

Pocket Park (opposite Village Green)

We have continued to engage with Veolia to ensure that the park is kept clean every day and that the area behind the bushes is kept clear of rubbish.

Other Green Sites and Flower Beds

We have continued to work with the Haringey Parks Department and Veolia to improve the green spaces and to ensure that they are regularly maintained and kept clean. These other areas include the following:

  • The bed by the traffic lights at the end of Fortis Green Road
  • The bed outside Sainsburys/Cook and plant some new shrubs
  • The raised bed at the junction of Grand Avenue/Muswell Hill Road
  • The raised beds at the top of Muswell Hill
  • Grove Lodge Gardens path (some members have helped with cutting back the brambles and rubbish clear-up)
  • Midhurst Green
  • Blaenavon pocket park – repair coping stones
  • Twyford Green

New Projects with Haringey

We held a virtual meeting with Alice Hawken, the Haringey Local Area Coordinator (LAC) for Muswell Hill, Highgate & Fortis Green. We have raised a project on our wish list – taps by the roundabout and by the Colney Hatch Lane beds for watering. Haringey are investigating the viability of providing new taps and navigating the Thames Water procedures.

Some residents in Grand Avenue have made an approach to get Haringey to clear and replant the raised bed at the end of their road at the junction with Muswell Hill, this is on the basis that the local group will help maintain the new plants. We are due to meet with the Haringey Parks team on site.

Potholes, graffiti removal, blocked road gullies, damaged street furniture, open Virgin Media cabinets, damaged paving, overflowing street bins, fly posting and the like

The work of Bill Jago and Jack Whitehead removing graffiti and fly posting around the Broadway has been impacted by the pandemic restrictions.

Brian Livingston continues to report any issues to Haringey using the “Love Clean Streets” App. The reporting system works very well and confirmation emails are sent out by the Council. Graffiti is cleared up very quickly but other work can take longer if undertaken by the Council’s contractors.

Refuse Problems in Queens Avenue

This has been a long running issue going back a number of years but we continue to work with the local councillors and press Haringey and Veolia to improve the situation. The majority of the problems occur at the Homes for Haringey properties and a few private multi-occupancy houses which have a large number of transient residents with a high turnover. Some improvements to bin areas have been undertaken by Homes for Haringey, and the recent involvement of the Council enforcement team has given some fresh impetus to improving matters.

Sundry Other Issues

Some of the other issues attended to have included:

  • Liaising with the Haringey Arboricultural team concerning trees to be removed / replaced
  • Liaising with the Friends of Coldfall Woods and the Police concerning illegal bike ramps built in the woods
  • Keeping an eye on the number of beggars in the Broadway and liaising with the Police as necessary

Brian Livingston, Environment/Green Spaces