Crucially, the Park grounds have remained open throughout the various COVID-19 lockdowns over the past year, providing a much-needed space for local residents to enjoy the outdoors – and, when permitted, to meet friends. Unfortunately there have been major problems with litter which has sometimes seemed impossible to deal with. Littering has of course been a huge problem at other venues across London but we are grateful that Alexandra Park has benefitted from huge efforts by its enthusiastic force of local volunteers.

The freedom of the Palace and Park to organise and host events – including theatre performances, music concerts, daytime exhibitions and sporting contests – has been very intermittent over the past year, with several long periods of enforced building closure.

However, as of May 2021, there are signs of a continued move back to some level of normality with indoor and outdoor concerts scheduled over coming months, including the major Kaleidoscope Festival postponed from last year. Outdoor food and drink has been available on The Terrace when allowed and Park businesses have recently re-opened.

The financial impact of lost trading on the Palace has been enormous – and it was a huge relief that a request for government help via the Cultural Recovery Fund was successful. Haringey Council should also be thanked for increased financial support over the year. To generate additional income, the plans to implement charging for car parking, to build on a voluntary payment scheme started last summer, are progressing and expected to come into effect later this year.

During the year, the MHFGA communicated with the Palace management team to investigate a noise complaint from members who live on the boundary of the Park. Whilst this particular case came to a dead end, we always welcome any feedback, good or bad, from local residents on what’s happening at the Palace and Park.

After a very odd year for everyone, we hope to see the Palace and Park return to its fully operational state as soon as possible.


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Duncan Neill, Chair of the Consultative Committee, Alexandra Palace & Twitter Editor