Members’ Meetings

Thursday 7th November

7.30 pm, North Bank, Pages Lane, N10 1PP

Highgate Wood Kiln, a talk by Nick Peacey. In 1971, during the excavations of the Roman pottery manufacturing site in Highgate Wood, Nick Peacey was a teacher in a comprehensive school in Hackney. His timetable included Latin and Classical Studies.
This interest led to an invitation to be part of an experimental archaeology project exploring Roman pottery making methods, using kilns reconstructed on the model of Kiln 2, the best preserved of the ten kilns found.Nick was not skillful enough to be a potter, so became a kiln builder. He has since built and fired a series of kilns using clay and wood from Highgate Wood.
Nick will tell the story of the kiln experiments, the technical difficulties (mostly) overcome, the possible connections between the methods of Roman potters and the medieval charcoal burners, and the way in which Kiln 2, a unique survival, has come to be in store in Bruce Castle Museum, unseen by the public.
This situation has prompted the formation of the Friends of the Highgate Wood Kiln (FOHRK) established by Nick and Catherine West MP, the archaeologist Harvey Sheldon, who led the Highgate Wood excavations, and Michael Hammerson, FSA, of the Highgate Society. Nick will update us on FOHRK’s plans for the return of the kiln to the Wood and the range of exciting community and learning activities that will support its exhibition.

MHFGA holds regular meetings where you will hear local speakers discuss both topical local issues and interesting subjects relating to the local area.The meetings normally take place at 7.30pm on weekdays at North Bank, Pages Lane, N10 1PP.
Refreshments are served after the talk. These meetings are free and open to the public.

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HOW TO GET THERE: There are a few parking spaces for those most in need. The 234 bus passes the door and there are stops nearby in Colney Hatch Lane for the 134 and 43 buses and on Alexandra Park Road for the 102 and 299 buses.