The Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association ran a competition for the second year running for local children aged 12 and under during the 2018 Summer Holidays (21st July – 31st August 2018) entitled:

“Odd One Out”

It was free to take part, with prizes to be won – The Everyman Cinema has kindly donated 40 cinema tickets to be given to the children with the most correct answers. (Should there be more than 40 correct answers there will be a ballot).

The idea of this competition was to find one strange object – ones they don’t normally sell – in the windows of those shops taking part. For example: A tin of beans in a toy shop / a spanner in a bookshop.



Shops  displayed our “Odd One Out” sign in their window (see below), so you knew they were participating.


Almost Thirty shops took part in and around Muswell Hill, and below you can see which object was in which store. How did you do? The winners will be announced shortly.


2018 Shops and Objects


Misk 1 cotton reel
Snappy Snaps 2 unicorn / my little pony
Broadway Pharmacy 3 carrot
Cha Cha Cha 4 chicken
Evelina’s 5 fossil
Panoptica 6 apple
Sally Bourne 7 mustard
Fagin’s Toys 8 coat hanger
Robert Linsky 9 Lego
Muswell Hill Bikes 10 thimble
Martyn’s 11 clock
Angela Rose 12 walnut
Hamptons  13 paper parasol
Muswell Hill Pharmacy 14 battery
Cosi 15 bear
Broadway Pet Store 16 Lego
Barron’s 17 elephant
Mailboxes 18 scrabble letters “ODD”
Tatlers 19 tambourine
Walter Purkis 20 prosecco
Children’s Books 21 Wall-e dvd
All Dogs Matter 22 mushy peas
Pure Nest 23 staple remover
Butchers  24 Squirrel Nutkin book
Framers 25 compass
Zebra 26 nail polish
Point5Kitchens Ltd 27 owl
Cpotential 28 white sugar sachet