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May | June 2017

Muswell Hill Library: become a friend. MHFGA AGM: May 17. Come to hear what the Association has done and say what is should do. Members’ Letters: in respect of the memory of PC Blakelock; chewing gum: a sticky issue; supporting

March | April 2017

A Postcard from the Past: Hello Dolly. Coldfall Primary School: the power of green fingers. Rhodes Avenue Primary School: committed to the community. Member in Profile: Zoe Norfolk – picture perfect. Traffic News: good news afoot in Fortis Green and

January | February 2017

Queens Avenue: the dirtiest road in Muswell Hill? Member in Profile: Stella Roche. Pinkham Way: still at risk – new consultation deadline, 13 January. Corporate Members: Clarke & Parker Fishmongers and Duo Klier. Alexandra Palace & Park: digitised archives, exhibitions and a private collection of

November | December 2016

Alexandra Palace & Park: The Chief Executive and the Park Manager speak about the present and the future. Pinkham Way: still in danger of being used for waste? Shop Fronts: eroding the unique character of Muswell Hill? . Corporate Members: Yien Chinese Restaurant & Knidos

September | October 2016

Walking Through Nature & History: From Coldfall Wood, to St.Pancras and Islington Cemeteries, to Pantechnicon lettering and Arts and Crafts. Member In Profile: Jane de Sausmarez and the colour of deception. Bill’s Bornholm Bash: 80 miles for charity around the Pearl of the Baltic. Corporate