The Muswell Hill and Fortis Green Association is running a competition for local children aged 12 and under during the 2017 Summer Holidays (Saturday 22nd July – Thursday 31st August 2017) entitled:

“Odd One Out”

It is free to take part, with prizes to be won – The Everyman Cinema has kindly donated 40 cinema tickets to be given to the children with the most correct answers. (Should there be more than 40 correct answers there will be a ballot).

The idea of this competition is to find one strange object – ones they don’t normally sell – in the windows of those shops taking part. For example: A tin of beans in a toy shop / a spanner in a bookshop.

But, beware!! The object may be quite small and hard to spot

Shops will display our “Odd One Out” sign in their window (see below), so you know they are participating.

Download an entry form here Entry Form Odd One Out Competition, or pick up one from the Muswell Hill Library in Queens Avenue available from Saturday 22nd July.

Thirty shops are taking part in and around Muswell Hill  – so take part and enjoy the fun!