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January | February 2016

GOOD BYE REGLAN HOTEL – New application for 18 flats. CROSS SAFE N10 – Green Man to protect crossing on Colney Hatch Lane. TREE FELLING – Diseased trees to be removed in Queens Avenue & Tetherdown. ALEXANDRA PALACE – Buzz

November | December 2015

FROM THE COMMITTEE – St. Luke’s redevelopment. 20mph signs. Cleaning and developing St.James Square. FORTIS GREEN – Patchy paving. KNOTTY PROBLEM – Japanese Knotweed is spreading. WOODSIDE COPSE – Loss of habitat? SMARTWATER – Protecting from burglary. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH – Do you

September | October 2015

TWENTY IS PLENTY – 20mp speed limit from December. ALEXANDRA PALACE – Louise Stewart is the new Chief Executive. QUEENS AVENUE – What can we do about the rubbish? MEMBER IN PROFILE – Lydia Rivlin, writer and lecturer. THE MOSSY WELL – A sneak

July | August 2015

MY MUSWELL HILL – 2015 MHFGA photographic competition. TALKING RUBBISH – Broadway and Fortis Green collections. AGM REPORT A year of hard work and successes. AREA FORUMS – What next, now that they are gone? MEMBER IN PROFILE – Susie Holden, Trust Fundraising

May | June 2015

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – the voice of the Association.  BRITAIN’S BEST BACK GARDENS – Titchmarsh, Beethoven and Muswell Hill – ALEXANDRA PALACE – New MHFGA representative. KEN GAY – Farewell to the historian and film maker. PLANET ORGANIC – The new look and